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Evaluation of a facade

ELCOVISION 10 is the universal evaluation software for the 3D measurement from each kind of images. This very user-friendly software enables anybody to measure very efficiently and simple 3D data from images.

ELCOVISION 10 accepts virtually all image sources. You can use pictures of digital cameras, pictures of metric cameras, scanned photos, Kodak Photo CD and Image CD, grabbed images of video cameras and so on.

Starting from the low-cost basic version, up to the professional solution with up to 1.000 photos in the bundle adjustment process with on the fly camera calibration and the option to use normal amateur photos in the photo block, ELCOVISION 10 always offers the right tool for each measurement task. Because of the modular concept of the software, the different versions can be upgraded without loss of money or time.
There are many arbitrarily combinable measuring procedures: Measurement from rectification planes,single image measurement (intersection of the measurement beam with a spatial plane), two and multi-image measurement. The fully automatic image orientation can save you valuable time: in addition to 3D Image positions a usually high density point cloud of the object is computed. For many applications this is already very useful intermediate result.

Traffic Accident Reconstruction ELCOVISION 10 is seamlessly integrated into the following CAD software:

Because of the smooth integration into these CAD systems a maximum of measuring comfort is ensured. All CAD functions such as LINE, POLYLINE etc. became measuring functions.
Numerous additional measurement functions such as automatic 3D measuring trimmed lines, direct measurement of cylinder blocks, direct drawing of circles, arcs, rectangles and ellipses from 3D points and many others, provide an easy and smooth evaluation process.

Aerial Images

ELCOVISION 10 means Swiss precision for PC users. And these are the fields of application in which this unique measuring system has been successfully applied:

  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Fire protection
  • Monument conservation
  • Surveying
  • Industrial surveying
  • Disaster protection
  • Criminology
  • Landscape planning
  • Quality control
  • Traffic accident surveying
  • Environmental protection
Typical Measurement Accuracy

The measurement accuracies which were typically achieved without any special circumstances by ELCOVISION 10 depend very much on the used camera and image point of view. The distance between the camera and the object is not really important. E.g. it is more or less the same when the object is photographed from a near distance with a wide angle lens or if the object is photographed from further away with a zoom lens. Below is a table showing the usually achieved accuracies when several different cameras are used.

Used Camera Typical 3D accuracy within an object size of approximate 10m using format filling images
Accuracy at natural points Accuracy at signalized points
Low cost consumer camera with a small CCD:
Fuji F800, Canon Powershot etc.
≤ 15 mm ≤ 8 mm
Semi professional Cameras with APS-C CCD but quite in-stable plastic Body
Nikon D70, Nikon D90, Sony Alpha etc.
≤ 6 mm ≤ 2 mm
Professional cameras with APS-C or full format CCD and stable metal body:
Nikon D300, Nikon D700, Fuji S5 Pro, Canon EOS 5D Mark II etc.
≤ 3 mm ≤ 0.5 mm
High end professional cameras like:
Mamiya ZD, Leica S2 etc.
≤ 1 mm ≤ 0.05 mm

Software Features

For a complete overview of all functions and for a comparison between the different program packages please click here.

  • Use of photos taken by metric and/or amateur camera
  • Simultaneous processing of digital and analogue photos
  • Automatic recognition of over 50 digital-image formats
  • No limitations in project size
  • Manual orientation of photos without initial values
  • Full automatic image orientation
  • Bundle adjustment of up to 1.000 photos
  • Determination of camera data (simultaneous camera calibration)
  • Automatic measurement functions:
    - Automatic réseau measurement,
    - Automatic measurement of targets with sub-pixel accuracy
  • Increase of accuracy by multiple photo measurements with any number of photos

Evaluation version of ELCOVISION 10 with sample Projects and Tutorials

Follow this link for download of evaluation version of ELCOVISION 10! Among multiple samples and tutorials you can download an evaluation version of the software.

Product Descriptions and Application Examples as PDF

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