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ELCOVISION 10 - Full Automatic Image Orientation

ELCOVISION 10 the popular photogrammetric evaluation software package has reached the sixth generation since its market launch in 1986 being constantly upgraded and developed to meet user demands includes now a module for full automatic image orientation. There is no information required about the point of view of the images, the only requirement is that the pictures must be taken with a calibrated camera.
A short step by step example will show you the process of the automatic orientation:

In the first step the images are loaded into a new project and the automatic orientation is started:

Automatic Orientation - Photo Select

After starting the automatic orientation ELCOVISION 10 starts analyzing the images for prominent points and classifies them in an unique way:

Automatic Orientation - Image Analysis

In the next step ELCOVISION 10 uses this featured points found in the first step and runs the automatic orientation using the traditional relative, absolute and global orientation approach.

Automatic Orientation - Image Orientation

After the orientation of the images is finished the result of the orientation is displayed:

Automatic Orientation - Result

Now it is time for the first and only manual step in the automatic orientation process. The operator should define a suitable system of coordinates. This could be done by measuring at least one known distance or by measuring at least 4 control points.

As a by-product of the automatic orientation a cloud of points is generated. These points are normally very accurate surface points of the object, ELCOVISION 10 also provides them with the true color of the object. This cloud of points could be used for many applications.

Cloud of Points

In aerial photogrammetry like in this example we can generate a contour map of the area very easily using the built in functions from the ELCOVISION 10 AutoCAD Tools with a few mouse clicks:

Contour Map

Please have a look to some full automatic image orientations:


Example Monument Preservation

Number of Images: 2
Calculated Points: 6800
Accuracy at the Object: approx 5mm
Screen shot video

Example Architecture

Number of Images: 7
Calculated Points: 2280
Accuracy at the Object: approx. 3 mm
Screen shot video

Example Civil Engineering

Number of Images: 42
Calculated Points: 81000
Height Accuracy: approx. 5cm
Flying Height: approx. 200m
Screen shot video

Evaluation version of ELCOVISION 10 with sample Projects and Tutorials

Follow this link for download of evaluation version of ELCOVISION 10! Among multiple samples and tutorials you can download an evaluation version of the software.