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The ELCOVISION 10 product family has a simple philosophy: Be as universal as possible. But sometimes there is a need for special tools: The ELCOVISION 10 Forensic plugin offers some easy to handle specialized tools for blood stain analysis.
The ELCOVISION 10 Forensic Plugin enables the simple and accurate measurement of blood spatters and their place of origin. A simple example shows the workflow for blood spatter analysis. First, the crime scene is photographed with a preferably calibrated camera and these images are oriented with ELCOVISION 10:

Crime Scene Photos Crime Scene Photos orientiert

The orientation of the images can be done either manual by an operator or fully automatic by ELCOVISION 10. The orientated images, the so-called ELCOVISION 10 project, is loaded into the AutoCAD environment of ELCOVISION 10. Here we can create a detailed drawing of the crime scene with our photogrammetric evaluation tools if needed.

However for the crime scene analysis task the most important ELCOVISION 10 function is the digital rectification of surface textures containing blood stains directly into the drawing. This generates a true to scale drawing containing rectified textures of the scene at the true 3D position, a tedious measurement of the individual blood spatters is no longer necessary.

Blood spatters on curved and sloping surfaces can also be used in this way.

Ellipsen Editor The ELCOVISION 10 Forensic plugin now features various tools to draw very precise ellipses around the rectified bloodstains.

There are also powerful editing tools to adjust the ellipses precisely over a bloodstain by tilting the impact angle or adjust the ellipse axes or origin.

By using these special drawing tools it is guaranteed that the bloodstain-circumscribing ellipse is at the exact same 3D position in space as the bloodstain itself.

For a comfortable work flow the just processed blood spatter is automatically zoomed in.

After a number of ellipses are drawn the trajectory-calculating tool is used to select a number of bloodstains and calculate their trajectories. The software detects the bloodstains belonging together and calculates the 3D position area of origin and also the volume of this area which is a measurement how precise the origin is estimated.

Flight path calculation

ELCOVISION 10 Forensic Features

  • Ellipse drawing exactly on the surface of a raster image using center point direction and major axis or by defining major and minor axis.
  • Ellipse editor to alter all of the ellipse parameters like normal vectors, direction, rotation etc. Walk through and optimal zoom to all selected ellipses in a drawing for fast workflow.
  • Compute trajectories from bloodstains which belong together with visual error detection.

  • Supported CAD Systems

  • AutoCAD: Version 2007 - 2018
  • BricsCAD: V15-V17

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