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Among others ELCOVISION 10 supports following image formats by now:

  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
  • Kodak Photo CD (.pcd)
  • JPEG Bitmap (.jpg)
  • Tiff Bitmap (.tif)
  • Paintbrush PCX (.gif)
  • CompuServe GIF (.gif)
  • Wordperfect Graphic (.wpg)
  • Windows Metafile (.wmf)
  • Multi Page PCX (.dcx)
  • Postscript (Raster) (.eps)
  • PICT (Raster) (.pct)
  • CALS (.cal)
  • Laser View (.lv)
  • X-Windows Bitmap (.xmb)
  • MacPaint (.mac)
  • Storyboard (.gx2)
  • KOFAX (.kfx)
  • IOCA (.ica)
  • ICON (.ico)
  • Amiga IFF (.lbm)
  • CLIP (.clp)
  • GEM IMG (.img)
  • Brooktrout 301 (.brk)
  • Microsoft Paint (.msp)
  • Halo CUT (.cut)
  • True Vision (.tga)
  • True Vision 16 (.tga)
  • Fax Class 3 (.att)
  • AT&T Group 4 (.att)
  • X Pixmap (.xpm)
  • X Window Dump (.xwd)
  • RAST (.ras)
  • ASCII (.txt)
  • Photoshop (.psd)
  • IMNET (.imn)

ELCOVISION 10 Raw Converter

ELCOVISION 10 supports more the 190 different digital camera raw file formats. Mostly the ELCOVISION 10 raw converted images are much sharper and brighter than the images converted with the original raw converter from the camera manufacturer
If you click on an image the original size image opens in a new window. (Caution: The images are very big!)

ELCOVISION 10 raw converted
ELCOVISION 10 raw converted.
Camera manufacturer raw converter
Camera manufacturer raw converter.


When ELCOVISON 10 saves an image with geoinformation such as a rectified image, the geoinformation is written using GeoTIFF specification 1.8.1 of the NASA JET Propulsions Laboratory, Cartographic Applications Group when the image is saved in any of the supported TIFF formats.