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Leica TS15i Mit With ELCOVISION 10 for Leica Viva you can easily complete to your geodetic measurements with photogrammetric measurements from the images taken by the Leica Imaging Total stations like TS11i, TS15i, TS16i, TS60, MS50, MS60.

ELCOVISION 10 for Leica Viva is seamlessly integrated in AutoCAD, BricsCAD and IntelliCAD 2000. All drawing commands can be used with measurement from images.

A variety of additional drawing commands also facilitate the drawing work. In addition, drawings can automatically textured from rectified Leica Viva images, drawings can also be superimposed into the images.

Here is the basic workflow of the software:

Workflow on Site

If you like to do 3D evaluations with ELCOVSION 10 for Viva you need to take images from at least to different point of view with at least 75% image overlap. The panorama image function of the TS15 is ideally suited for this work:

TS15i Bilder Standpunkt 1

TS15i Bilder Standpunkt 2

If the images should only be used for textures, less overlap is needed, it may be sufficient to use only images from one point of view.

The total station is used normally for doing measurements. We recommend measuring at least a few points, because they can be used as control points or they might speed up the drawing process back in the office.

Workflow in the Office

DBX Just copy the whole DBX from your Leica Total Station to your Computer. No settings are to be made, no converting of data is neccessary. ELCOVISION 10 for Viva can directly open the Leica DBX, you can start your measurings immediately: Start your CAD, start the ELCOVISION 10 Plugins open the Leica DBX and start measuring!

The following measurement methods are then available in the ELCOVISON 10 for Viva CAD Plugins

Rectification Measurement

Digital rectification and point rectification
Mono Photo Measurement

Intersection of a spatial pane with an image measurement beam

Two Photo Measurement

Intersection of two an image measurement beams

Multi Photo Measurement

Intersection of multiple image measurement beams

Evaluation Options

The drawing can be created in several ways: You can create pure line drawings, or parts or the whole object can be textured automatically::


The drawing could also be superimposed into the images: This is a useful means to check for drawing accuracy and completeness of the drawing:

Click here for a full function reference of ELCOVISION 10.:

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ELCOVISION 10 for Viva Product Overview

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