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ELCOVISION 10 ELSP is the universal, low-priced way into 2D and 2.5D photogrammetry. With ELCOVISION 10 ELSP you can take measurements from any kind of images. You can also rectify the images within seconds:

The defintion of the so-called rectification planes can be done by the following 3 methods:

Definition by parallel and perpendicular lines in the picture and at least one well-known distance

The result are 2D rectification planes which can be linked into the 3D space by junction points so permitting 3D measurements.

Befinition by any square with 5 known distances e.g. the 4 sides and one diagonal.

The result are 2D rectification planes which can be linked into the 3D space by junction points so permitting 3D measurements.

Entzerrtes Bild Definition by 4 or more 3D control points

The result is a balanced 3D rectification plane permitting 3D measurements.

You can define any number of rectification planes per image. The rectification planes can be cut out in arbitrary manners. This ensures that only valid parts of the images are rectified. A digital rectified image (orthophoto) can be built up from as many as desired images and rectification planes. In connection with AutoCAD also 3D orthophotos could be generated.

ELCOVISION 10 ELSP is smoothly integrated into the following CAD systems: Because of the smooth integration into these CAD systems a maximum of measuring comfort is ensured. All CAD functions such as LINE, POLYLINE etc. became measuring functions.
Numerous additional measurement functions such as automatic 3D measuring trimmed lines, direct measurement of cylinder blocks, direct drawing of circles, arcs, rectangles and ellipses from 3D points and many others, provide an easy and smooth evaluation process.
One special function is the rectification of images directly into the CAD drawing with one single mouse click. In a CAD drawing its very simple to draw important lines over the image or add dimensions.

And these are the fields of application in which this versatile software has been successfully applied:

Software Features

For a complete overview of all functions and for a comparison between the different program packages please click here.

  • Processes photographs of any camera
  • Simultaneous processing of digital and analogue photos
  • Automatic recognition of over 50 digital image formats
  • No limitation in project size
  • Simple and comfortable conjunction of various photos
  • Definition of the rectification planes by means of parallel and perpendicular lines, or five distances or four or more control points
  • Definition of balanced rectification planes
  • Lens Distortion Correction
  • Definition of any number of rectification planes per photo including automatic management of overlapping areas
  • Online production of orthophotos from any number of photos and planes with automatic mosaicing
  • Save the orthophotos in any digital-image format
  • Automatic measurement functions:
    - Automatic réseau measurement,
    - Automatic measurement of targets with subpixel accuracy

Evaluation version of ELCOVISION 10 with sample Projects and Tutorials

Follow this link for download of evaluation version of ELCOVISION 10! Among multiple samples and tutorials you can download an evaluation version of the software.

Product Descriptions and Application Examples as PDF

ELCOVISION 10 ELSP Product Overview


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