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Using ELCOVISION ElTheo for 3D DISTO you can use your Leica 3D Disto as a 3D Digitizer for any CAD Software. ElTheo for 3D Disto takes care of the stationing and orientation of the Leica Disto 3D and then passes your 3D measurements to any Windows software


ElTheo for Leica 3D Disto Function Overview

The Stationing and Orientation of the 3D Disto

In addition to the stationing on known points, it is possible to define a local coordinate system. This can be defined arbitrarily in any direction or by two measurements which for example align the X-axis parallel to a wall.

Free Stationing

If you have a drawing or known control points at the scene you can use the free stationing function of ElTheo for 3D Disto: You transfer the control points from the drawing into ElTheo for 3D Disto and measure them. The free stationing is available as a 2D free stationing and a 3D free stationing.

Transfer of Measured Points

The measured 3D points could be transferred by using an arbitrary format into any Windows Software. This actually transforms any CAD Software into measuring software.

Stakeout Module

Since the 3D Disto is basically a motorized total station one can show any drawing point or measured point in the locality by simply clicking it in the list of points in the stakeout tab in ElTheo for 3D Disto: The Disto moves to this point and highlights it with its laser.

Other Features

Each measurement of the 3D DISTO is logged automatically. These points can be used again later: For example for the stake out module or for the free stationing.

Download ELTheo for 3D DISTO for Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 32/64 Bit


Manual ElTheo for 3D Disto German (PDF)

Manual ElTheo for 3D Disto English (PDF)

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